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6V-12V 1000mA Battery Charger

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Weight0.3 kg

15W max

Charging Voltage


Recharging Current


Low Pressure Detection


Product Size


Product Details

Constant Current | Voltage Limit

6V-12V 1000mA Car Battery Charger

6V-12V 1000mA Car Battery Charger

With a multi-functional battery charger, the product can be used for maintenance and charging of 6V lead-acid batteries, 12V lead-acid batteries/AMG batteries, 12V lithium batteries, etc., suitable for the United States, Japan and other regions.

What is a Charger?

The intelligent battery charger can automatically use constant current fast charge, trickle float charge, and
automatic stop charging when fully charged according to the different conditions of the battery voltage. At
the same time, the diesel intelligent battery charger has automatic over-current and short-circuit
protection functions. Compared with floating chargers commonly used in the industry, battery chargers
have the advantages of avoiding battery damage and prolonging service life. Widely used in railways, civil
Aviation, communications, electricity.

Lithium Battery Charging

Car Battery Maintenance

AGM Start-stop Battery

Standard Lead-acid Battery

100mA battery charger

Series Parameters


220V-240V 50Hz

100V-120V 60Hz




15W max

Charging Voltage


Recharging Current


Low Pressure Detection


Ambient Temperature

0℃ to+40℃

Battery Type


Battery Chemistry

Wet, Gel, MF, CA, AGM, Lithium

Waterproof Protection


Cooling Method

Natural Cooling

Product Size


Product Weight


Input Connector Option

Input Connector Option

Product Parameter

This 6V/12V 1000mAh Car Battery Charger is a great car companion for charging all series of 6V and 12V lead acid batteries including Flood Batteries (Wet Batteries), Gel Batteries, Maintenance-free Batteries (MF Batteries), Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB Batteries), Absorption Glass Mat Batteries (AGM Batteries), and Lithium Batteries.
It is capable of charging batteries with capacities up to 30 Ah and maintenance for all sizes of batteries.
This battery charger comes with two default crocodile clips. If you need other charging ports, the minimum order quantity should be 1000 pieces.

Professional Production Line

Our company has a standard workshop more than 8,000 square meters. We have more than 200 workers, with senior technical staff accounting for 30%.

We believe that with our high-quality products and considerate service, we can satisfy the demands from both you and the end users. Hopefully our wide range of charger products can assist your marketing and sales.


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