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About Us

Since 1986, we have been engaged in the design and production of power products. We started with transformers and gradually transitioned to switching power supplies. What we designed and produced in the early days were mainly low-frequency transformers with silicon steel sheet cores. Later, our product range gradually expanded to high-frequency transformers. Our products have also developed from LC oscillation circuits, 555 timer IC circuits to the later use of 492 power management chips. With the structure of our power supply products becoming more and more complex, our products have also developed from the early step-down power supplies to the boost power supplies. We can even design and produce high voltage power supply products for customers with the voltage up to 100 kV.

Since 2017, according to what is needed in our business development, we set the design and production segments apart. We began to focus on product design and R&D. The production segment has been outsourced to other manufacturers. To ensure a strict quality control over the outsourced production segment and promise that every product has been fully tested before entering the market, the selected factories are all ISO 9001 manufacturing enterprises. These factories are equipped with large wave soldering line, ultrasonic machines, frequency converters, electronic load meters, pressure meters and other professional production and aging testing equipment. All power supplies come out of the factories are CCC, EMC and RoHS certified products.

Nearly 30 years of product design and manufacturing experience gives us profound technology accumulation and rich industry experience. At present, we have reached the supply relationship with nearly 20 entities from Europe, America and Southeast Asia. In the future, through the continuous promotion of product upgrades and abundant categories, we will provide more stable, reliable and safe power supply products for industrial production, daily life and professional application fields.