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12V/24V Waterproof Switching Power Supply 170-264V/85-145V AC to DC 60W-150W

1. Small quality and light weight.
2. Wide working voltage range: the input voltage can work normally at 170-264V.
3, safe, high.
4. Excellent power switch: 5-10 seconds of high-power power supply control circuit design, can well complete the current detection of switching power supply, the output results of the advantages of high-power power (especially output voltage source, which can output voltage source). will cause light decay).
5. Protection function: short circuit, overcurrent and overheating protection.
6 Reduce input and output connections (outside design) and waterproof indoors). The rain-proof power supply adopts high-strength, high-strength rain-proof input and output connections, which can be installed anywhere (not installed anywhere), and can be installed anywhere (this product structure) wire.
7. When the load rate is too large, the power supply will be protected. At this time, the abnormal situation of interruption should occur and reduce.

Additional information

Input Voltage


After-sale warranty

After-sale warranty

Product Details

Constant Current | Voltage Limit

12V/24V Waterproof Switching Power Supply 170-264V/85-145V AC to DC 60W/100W/120W/150W Universal Regulated Switching Transformer Adapter Driver for 3D Printer/CCTV/Radio/LED Strip Lights/Computer Project

Product Appearance

60W (12V/24V)

100W (12V/24V)

120W (12V/24V)

150W (12V/24V)

Product Parameters

Product NameModelVolume (Length, Width
and Height MM)
Weight(kg)Input Voltage
Led waterproof power supply60W (12V/24V)173*46*350.45170-264VAC
Led waterproof power supply100W (12V/24V)203*46*350.55170-264VAC
Led waterproof power supply120W (12V/24V)203*46*350.92170-264VAC
Led waterproof power supply150W (12V/24V)215*46*351170-264VAC


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