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12V Auto-stop Smart Lead Acid Battery Charger

Smart charger, the “golden partner” of batteries

Three-stage intelligent floating charge

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electric car, motorcycle

Battery type

lead acid battery

Multi-function integrated


Product Details

Constant Current | Voltage Limit

12v full automatic stop protection smart lead acid car battery charger

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Product Parameter

Place of Origin:Anhui, China
Model Number:12v3a
Use:electric car, motorcycle
Battery type:lead acid battery
Multi-function integrated:Other

Input Connector Option

Input Connector Option

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Our company has a standard workshop more than 8,000 square meters. We have more than 200 workers, with senior technical staff accounting for 30%.

We believe that with our high-quality products and considerate service, we can satisfy the demands from both you and the end users. Hopefully our wide range of charger products can assist your marketing and sales.

Product Manual

Constant current: The integrated operational amplifier technology is used to precisely control the charging current. Regardless of the degree of battery power loss, the charging current is constant at the set value to protect the battery and prevent the battery life from being shortened due to overcurrent charging.

Voltage limit: using precise sampling, stable reference and pulse width modulation (PWW) technology to ensure that the output voltage will not be higher than the set value and lower than the full value.

Automatic floating charge: The product can automatically detect the voltage at both ends of the rechargeable battery and the degree of power loss of the rechargeable battery, thereby controlling the output charging voltage and charging current. When the charging current is close to the full value, the internal charging power will be automatically changed to make the output change Floating state to protect the battery and ensure the charging power.


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