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Dual Timing Automatic Power-off Charger

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Product Details

Constant Current | Voltage Limit

Dual Timing Automatic Power-off Charger

Series Parameters

48V13.1AH current: 2A±0.1
Voltage: 58.5-59.2AH

48V22.2AH current: 3A±0.1
Voltage: 58.5-59.2AH

60V22.2AH current: 3A±0.1
Voltage: 73-74.2AH

72V22.2AH current: 3A±0.1
Voltage: 87.5-89.1AH

Input Connector Option

Input Connector Option

Professional Production Line

Our company has a standard workshop more than 8,000 square meters. We have more than 200 workers, with senior technical staff accounting for 30%.

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Product Features

1. The shell of the product is made of ABS+PC flame retardant alloy with high temperature resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance. This increases the impact resistance by 30% compared with the ordinary plastic shell, making it safer to use. The exterior design is a patented product.
2. The product adopts the design of CPU chip control circuit, double timing, and segmenting timing. It will automatically cut off the current output of the charger when the battery is fully charged so as to avoid overcharging of the battery and premature electrolyte loss. It has timely conversion function to trickle charging to fundamentally avoid battery bulging. Each charger is controlled by computer program, which is not comparable for ordinary battery chargers!
3. When the battery is fully charged, the product will be turned off automatically. The indicator light will go off, and there will be no voltage output. This will effectively avoid the potential danger of electric bicycle fire caused by overcharging. The product is in accordance with the national safety standards. And the charger with automatic power off function is more energy-efficient and environment-friendly! (According to the requirements of the safety specification, it is required to unplug the power plug first and then plug the power supply again, and wait about 10 seconds.)
4. Most of the internal parts of the product adopt imported components and SMT chip technology. Automatic wave soldering technology guarantees the low defect rate in welding spots and good high-frequency performance. This improves the charger’s seismic resistance and reduces the electromagnetic and RF interference.
5. The product has excellent product workmanship, which will effectively eliminate safety risks and ensure safe use.
6. The product adopts new charging mode and is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of battery charging parameters. The product has constant current fast charging mode, constant voltage charging mode, and voltage control pulse plus trickle current charging mode. The application of these technologies can increase the range of the electric bicycle by 10% and reduce battery heat and electrolyte loss.


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