DC-AC power inverter
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Check What Difference a DC-AC Power Inverter Can Make for Your Trip

If you’re embarking on a business or vacation trip to a location at distance, you might require a power outlet to charge your phone or laptop during the long journey. Without a power bank and a desire to avoid unnecessary stops, a car power inverter can prove to be a useful solution. In this guide, we offer a detailed overview of this unassuming yet often essential device, and provide recommendations on selecting the best one for your needs.

You can find the following in this article:

  • The introduction of a DC-AC power inverter
  • The common inverter types
  • The moment when a DC-AC power inverter is required

A Brief Intro of DC-AC Power Inverter

A DC-AC power inverter, also referred to as a converter, is designed to convert the DC voltage from a car battery or cigarette lighter socket (12 V) into AC voltage (230 V), the same voltage found in all standard home sockets in Europe. This device can be connected to the cigarette lighter with suitable cables or directly to the battery.

For those embarking on extended journeys by car, RV, or truck, or even by water on a rented sailboat, a power inverter can prove to be an incredibly useful device. By converting voltage, the power inverter enables you to effortlessly operate any device that requires a plug-in power source.

DC-AC power inverter

Common DC-AC Power Inverter Types

But how to choose a DC-AC power inverter? There are two primary categories of DC-AC power inverters. The first type is a modified sine wave power inverter, which is suitable for less demanding devices. The following devices can be accommodated by this type:

  • Laptop Computers
  • TV
  • LED Lamps

Conversely, the second type of DC-AC power inverter, namely the pure sine wave voltage converter, is intended for more demanding and sensitive devices that necessitate a stable power supply and have an engine. Some examples of such devices include:

  • Electric Appliances
  • Pumps
  • Air Conditioners

In addition to the types of power inverters, there are also models on the market that operate with input voltages of either 12V or 24V. For passenger cars, the first option should be chosen due to the parameters of the cigarette lighter (12V), while 24V is commonly used in trucks and some RVs.

When a DC-AC Power Inverter is Required

How about leaving everything behind and heading to the mountains? The urge to escape to nature and be alone occasionally plagues many of us. It’s not surprising because the idea of living without the stresses of daily life is incredibly tempting. Nonetheless, it’s important to bear in mind that even in isolation, you may still require access to electrical power.

If you happen to get lost in the wilderness with drained batteries on your laptop and phone, having a DC-AC power inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter socket can prove to be a lifesaver. This device converts DC to AC voltage (from 12V to 230V), allowing you to recharge your electronic devices. With the aid of your GPS or the ability to call for help, you’ll undoubtedly feel more secure finding your way back to civilization. That’s why inverters should be considered essential equipment for anyone planning a trip to unfamiliar terrain.

The One That You Should Choose

DC-AC power inverter

12V 24V Dc to 110V 220V Ac Power Inverter 1000W

Which DC-AC power inverter is the best fit for your needs? This 12V 24V Dc to 110V 220V Ac Power Inverter 1000W is a versatile device with a well-designed layout. The front panel features a power outlet and a USB port, making it possible to charge smaller devices such as tablets or smartphones. A cooling fan located at the back prevents the converter from overheating, ensuring that it remains at an optimal temperature. The casing, made of lightweight yet incredibly durable aluminum, makes it easy to bring the device on your journey without worrying about any damage.

Rest assured that this device is completely safe, providing protection against overvoltage and incorporating multiple certified safeguards for smooth operation. Additionally, the inverter’s simple design contributes to a lower failure rate.

Thanks to its modified sine wave, this DC-AC power inverter guarantees the stable functioning of various devices, including power supplies, computers, and LED lamps. It’s an excellent choice for those who don’t want to invest in more costly pure sine wave power inverters (which support a broader range of devices), and for beginners seeking a straightforward inverter solution.

If you prefer a DC-AC power inverter with different specifications, please browse our selection of other models available in our offer.


Although not yet a common standard, it is highly recommended to have a DC-AC power inverter with you on every trip. The benefits of having one are numerous, such as having instant and trouble-free access to electricity, the ability to charge electronic devices, and the ability to use them in any situation. If you are looking for an additional source of energy while on the road, you can find the right product on Power1986.com!

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