how trickle chargers work
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How Trickle Chargers Work? Here is Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning on storing a car for an extended period of time, going on a long trip, or don’t drive your car during the winter (or summer), using car battery charger or trickle charger is important to keep your battery charged. You’ll almost certainly return home with a dead battery if you don’t use a car battery charger when it’s time to put your vehicle back on the road.

A trickle charger is also useful if you have an older car, a weak or failing battery. Trickle chargers function by providing a small quantity of current to keep a battery topped up at its fully charged level. If you have an electric lawnmower, snowblower, or leaf vacuum that isn’t used at least once a week and sits idle for weeks on end, these batteries will come in useful.

However, it is important to learn how trickle chargers work before you decide to purchase one. This article covers everything you need to know about how trickle chargers work. Trickle chargers are also ideal for snowmobiles, boats, generators, motorcycles, lawn tractors, and more.

how trickle chargers work

How Trickle Chargers Work

A trickle charger replenishes batteries at the same rate as self-discharge by using electricity. You should go with a trickle charger that shuts off automatically, or enters “float” mode, when your battery is fully charged; otherwise, you’ll need to watch your battery and unplug the charger when it’s full. If you leave a trickle charger on for too long, it can overcharge and harm your battery, so don’t forget to keep an eye on it!

The majority of car battery chargers provide a range of amperages in order to charge a battery gradually or swiftly, depending on the requirement. Some are also made to be left connected for extended periods of time without being overcharged.

Any battery charger, or trickle charger, that puts out between about 1 and 3 amps will work for general use, and you don’t need one with float mode monitoring unless you want to be able to leave it connected for some reason.

The alternator can only generate a limited amount of amperage, if you only drive to work or run some errands, the battery will most likely be low on charge.

How trickle chargers work is simple, you just have to attach the clips to the battery terminals after setting the switch on the front of the trickle charger to match the battery’s voltage. The black clip goes to the battery’s negative (-) terminal and the red clip goes to the positive (+) terminal. Then, connect the charger to a power source and switch it on.

Maintenance Tips

  • A trickle charger is one of several methods to keep your car’s battery healthy. You may also use these measures to ensure that you don’t get stranded on the road or lake.
  • Use a battery with the correct amp rating for your car. Check with your car’s owner’s manual.
  • When in use, tighten the battery’s hold-down clamps to minimize vibrations.
  • Try to avoid “killing/draining” your battery by leaving on your vehicle’s lights for example.
  • Keep your battery as fully charged as possible.
how trickle chargers work

Who Need a Trickle Charger?

For individuals who leave their cars parked during the winter or when on vacation for a long period of time, trickle chargers are crucial. These trickle chargers are much cheaper than purchasing a new battery. If you’re utilizing one on a vehicle that’s been stored, we recommend investing in a high-quality one that’s designed to last. Aside from automobiles and trucks, you’ll want to trickle charge your other toys, such as boats, motorcycles, and other power sports vehicles that you don’t use on a regular basis. We recommend using the trickle charger if your battery is going to be idle for more than a month.


So, in a nutshell, maintaining your battery at peak charge is critical to its longevity. Various car battery charger types are excellent investments for the infrequent driver since they prevent you from having to replace a battery too soon and ensure that no unpleasant surprises await you when you get home and try to start up your vehicle. We hope that this blog post on how trickle chargers work helped you out. Next, you can check out best car battery chargers here.

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