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Make the Most of Your Car Power Inverters

Car power inverters are designed to convert the car’s 12V DC output to 120V AC output. With this conversion, the types of appliances that can be used in a car can be greatly expanded. Car power inverters have made a big difference to work and life. With their help, car batteries can do more than just charging electronic devices like phones and tablets. It is possible to watch TV and DVD, use more electronic devices, run game systems, and use electric tools and even cooking machines in a car. They are also used to provide power for hikers or campers. And in the event of a power outage, they can use car batteries as an emergency power source for a certain period of time.

Today, in this blog, we will look at the related technical parameters of this kind of devices. And hopefully through our introduction, you can use them to make your life easier.

car power inverters

Several Rules for the Use of Car Power Inverters

The batteries that used by most cars are lead acid batteries. We know that based on the chemical reaction of lead and sulfuric acid, these batteries cannot be regarded stable. They can usually last up to about five years. Their lifespan is also affected by how they are used and other conditions such as climate. To effectively expand their lifespan, several rules should be followed. The proper use of car power inverters will not do any harm to both the battery and the vehicle. So, first, let’s look at several rules when a car power inverter is used:

  1. It is suggested to keep the car engine running when using a car power inverter. Using a device while the engine is off may cause the quick exhaustion of car’s battery power.
  2. In addition to the first point, remember that the power outlet of the inverter is provided by the battery. And it takes time for the battery to be charged. Therefore, the difference between charging speed and discharging speed of the battery needs to be considered. Typically, a car’s alternator needs 0.5-1 hour of driving time before the battery has enough power for an inverter.
  3. Power load limitation of the cigarette lighter socket: Generally, a 12V15A cigarette lighter socket can maintain a stable 120V1.5A output, while a 12V20A socket can maintain a stable 120V2A output. In order to ensure that a car power inverter can provide a safe and stable power output, when make the selection, its output should be ensured to be within the output range of the cigarette lighter socket.
  4. In order to ensure the long-term stability and health of the battery, it is recommended not to impose too much load on the battery when a car power inverter is used. The load provided by the alternator need to be considered when choosing an inverter. Based on experience, for common cars and lead acid batteries, it is recommended to use battery clips to create a direct connection to the battery if you want to use an inverter to provide an output over 500W.
  5. How long a car power inverter can be used in a car is determined by many factors. It is jointly determined by the power setting of the inverter, its power load and the rotation per minute (RPM) of the engine. Common lead acid batteries used in cars typically have a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 50-80 Ah. In general, it is recommended that the car power inverter should only provide a power load less than 200W when the engine speed is low. After the RPM of the engine is higher than 1500, let it carry a load higher than 1500W. When the engine is working properly, there is no time limit for a power load less than 300W provided by the inverter. Generally speaking, a lead acid battery can last about 2-3 hours when the engine is off. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the engine running when using an inverter to power the load.

Power Load of a Car Power Inverter

Car power inverters with different power loads can load different home appliances. The following is a list of common car power inverters available in the market and what home appliances they can power.

300W: home appliances, video recorders, televisions with screens smaller than 27 inches, desktop computers, and common office equipment
600W: home appliances, large screen TV, small power tools
1500W: home appliances, large power tools, microwave ovens, and other high power home appliances
3000W: almost all home appliances and office equipment

car power inverters

Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave Car Power Inverters

When selecting a car power inverter, in addition to considering the capacity of the battery, the output of the alternator and the inverter, the products available in the market fall into two different types: pure sine wave car power inverters and modified sine wave car power inverters.

A pure sine wave power inverter can provide the AC output similar to that provided by a home socket. They are relatively more expensive. They are suitable for certain equipment that can only work stably under sine waves AC output, which includes oxygen generators, fax machines, laser printers, high-end audio and video equipment, certain game systems, etc. Modified sine wave power inverters are also called square wave power inverters. Compared with pure sine wave power inverters, their advantage lies in the lower price. They are capable of generating enough modified sine waves power output to meet the requirements of most electronics and home appliances.

Our Products

To make your purchase of car power inverters easier, we provide a variety of car power inverters, with their power output covering 150W, 200W, 1000W, 1500W and 3000W. They can meet the AC power output requirements of a wide range of electronic devices, home appliances and office equipment. Our car power inverters have a series of protection measures to ensure the safe use of the devices. These protection measures include over temperature protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, low voltage protection, high voltage protection, reverse connection protection, etc.

All our car power inverters are manufactured and tested by high-quality manufacturing process. As well as their aesthetic design, they adopt robust casing to ensure they are highly impact-resistant. They are also light and compact for a better portability. In addition, more power outlet sockets are provided in our products to make the use more convenient. And the indicator lights and fuses in the devices can tell the working status of the device and improve the safety of the use as well.

car power inverters

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