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12V6A Electric Bicycle Lead Acid Battery Charger

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1. Product use
Applicable to general-purpose batteries for automobiles and motorcycles, fishing gears, etc.

2. Product features
●Green light prompt after full
●Long service life

Additional information

Weight 0.369 kg
Input Voltage

220V 50HZ

Charging Voltage


Recharging Current




Applicable Battery

Lead-acid Batteries 12V28AH-80AH

Product Details

Constant Current | Voltage Limit

12V6A Electric Bicycle Lead Acid Battery Charger

12V battery charger

Series Parameters

12V battery charger

Input Voltage :220V 50HZ
Charging Voltage :14.4V
Recharging Current :5-6A
Size :156*90*60mm
Applicable Battery :Lead-acid Batteries 12V28AH-80AH

Input Connector Option

Input Connector Option

Product Features

This charger is only used to charge lead-acid batteries;
It is forbidden to charge non-rechargeable batteries;
Please use it in a ventilated place indoors, no rain;
If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, it must be replaced and repaired by the manufacturer or professionals from similar departments.

12V battery charger

Professional Production Line

Our company has a standard workshop more than 8,000 square meters. We have more than 200 workers, with senior technical staff accounting for 30%.

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