Portable Car Battery Charger
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What Makes a Quality Portable Car Battery Charger?

What is commonly know is that lead acid batteries used in automobiles are considered unstable. Their stability depends on periodic maintenance. Portable car battery chargers allow car users to fix battery problems and improve battery performance on the go. The use of car battery chargers can reduce or even avoid the replacement frequency of the batteries, and thus cut down unnecessary economic costs. Some car battery chargers can also be used to charge electronic devices like phones and pads. Similar to other types of electrical device, the evaluation of a portable car battery charger requires the consideration of both its performance and stability.

Purchasers are most concerned about the future sales expectations of products when making a purchase. A good sales expectation comes from high product quality and right market positioning. The quality of a car battery charger will be influenced by each component that makes up the product, and a right market positioning comes from the study of the target market. For the international sourcing of car battery chargers, the above two factors are also what we consider important.

How a Portable Car Battery Charger Works

For any product, whether it is in high quality will partially be determined by what work it does. Rather than AC current, car batteries are charged by using DC current. During a charging process, a battery charger is responsible for converting the 110V or 220V AC power to the rated voltage and current.

When a typical portable car battery charger works, the current entering the charger passes through a bridge rectifier to reverse AC current into DC current. The direct current then flows through the high value electrolytic capacitor, which make the current smoother. The rectified DC current is then fed into an electronic circuit, which will regulate the current to a constantly stable voltage level. The current is then applied to the battery to be charged. The battery stores the energy through chemical reactions within it.

In some automatic car battery chargers, the charging voltage of the battery can be monitored in real time by their internal voltage sensor circuits. When the voltage reaches a certain level as the battery is charged, they can automatically shut off.

How a portable car battery charger doesn’t seem to be complicated. But different products at uneven quality levels can behave quite differently. Low quality car battery chargers can hardly ensure a stable current output, which may have a negative impact on the battery or even cause danger. Improper circuit design may bring heat dissipation problems and lead to safety hazards especially in summer. The absence of protection measures can result in the absence of timely reaction in the event of any misoperation. That’s why quality control counts a lot as it is for countless other electrical appliances.

Portable Car Battery Charger

Quality Control of Our Portable Car Battery Chargers

All components involved in the workflow of a portable car battery charger can affect the final output of the charging current. Car battery chargers are made to solve battery problems. They should be the problems themselves. We achieve this by the selection of their components and parts. In the manufacture of our products, great attention will be paid to the quality control of every component and part to be used.

To ensure the stability in our products, we choose to use top quality bridge rectifiers and brand-named capacitors in the production. By doing this, the stability of the current can be promised. More than that, it also avoids voltage and current drift and temperature rise in the long-term use. The wide voltage range design in our products enhances the voltage detection and processing capability, thus ensuring a stable voltage output. Our whole series of products have short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, over voltage and current protection and other protection measures.

We adopt high-quality PCB to ensure a higher conversion rate and stabilize the voltage and current. The optimized circuit design ensures the reasonable arrangement of components and parts, together with a good heat dissipation and stability.

The wires to be used in our products also draws our attention. We choose the standard pure copper wire with great electrical conductivity and flame retardance. They help to lower the heat dissipation from the wires and avoid any potential short circuit and fire.

Since we make car battery chargers for portable use, product shells made in ABS plastic are environment-friendly, non-toxic, highly impact resistant, moisture resistant and corrosion resistant.

Portable Car Battery Charger

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Why We are Better

We have our own production factory, which is a significant advantage over most product suppliers. In addition to conventional products, we can provide flexible and rich product solutions according to the demands from the market and our customers.

Our product customization service aims to provide purchaser of portable car battery chargers with the most profitable products in their local markets. To achieve that purpose, we will have in-depth communication with each customer who contact us to get every single detail of customer’s requirements. Through our service, we try our best to improve the market competitiveness of the products purchased from us, as well as the profit our customers can make.

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