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3 Most Popular Fast Charging Protocols and Their Differences

As mobile devices continue to advance in power, their energy consumption has significantly risen, leading to an increasing need for fast charging capabilities. To address this, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), a group dedicated to the progress of USB technology, integrated PPS fast charging into the USB PD 3.0 standard in 2017. This move resulted in a standardized approach to fast charging for modern devices. Additionally, Qualcomm’s QC 4.0 aligned with the PPS requirements that year, establishing a harmonized charging protocol.

What exactly does the term “Programmable Power Supply (PPS)” refer to?

The most cutting-edge charging method available for USB-C devices is PPS fast charging. This technology adapts the voltage and current on-the-fly based on the charging level of a device, delivering the highest possible power.

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Difference between PPS, PD, and QC

With Programmable Power Supply (PPS), it is possible to make incremental modifications to both the current and voltage during charging, leading to reduced conversion losses and greater charging efficiency. This, in turn, results in less heat being generated, and ultimately, a longer battery lifespan. As such, PPS fast charging represents a superior option for maintaining the health of your device’s battery.

The USB Implementers Forum developed Power Delivery (PD) as a means of accommodating greater power loads. This standard enables fast charging via USB connections by implementing smart device negotiation that permits high-speed charging with variable voltage. When connected to a PD charger, devices engage in a power contract negotiation to establish the maximum amount of power they can receive.

The purpose of Power Delivery (PD) is to facilitate rapid charging through USB connections. PD 3.0, the most widely used fast charging protocol, is the latest version. The PD 3.0 standard has recently been augmented by the addition of PPS technology, which functions in harmony with PD protocols. PPS enables the charger and device to renegotiate non-standard current and voltage parameters, leading to more efficient charging.

Quick Charge (QC), developed by mobile CPU manufacturer Qualcomm, is among the most prevalent fast charging protocols available and is present in a large number of popular smartphones. The standard is equipped with backward compatibility, meaning that a QC 4+ charger is capable of quickly charging a QC 3.0 device. Quick Charge works by elevating the charging voltage, thereby increasing the wattage output. The most recent iteration of this technology, QC 5, is capable of recharging smartphones to 50% capacity in just five minutes.

Get to know our Fast Chargers

The following are some of our fast chargers products:

fast charging

1. USB C/A+C PPS Fast Charging Charger

This big plug style USB C/A+C fast charger supports QC 3.0 and PD 20W charging protocols. It has a low-temperature fast charging technology that is 10 times faster than traditional charging technology while maintaining a low temperature. The shell of the product is made of VO fireproof material to ensure safety. Its ultra-light design also ensures that it is super portable.

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2. USB A+C 20W Dual Ports Car Charger

This USB A+C 20W dual ports charger has a dual charging ports design that supports PD and QC charging protocols. It supports 12-24V wide voltage charging, making it compatible with mainstream cars, SUVs and trucks. The indicator light can show the charging progress of the battery in real time. Its zinc alloy end cap has an excellent texture. The thickened metal shrapnel ensures a perfect fit with the cigarette lighter of the car. It is made of fire-resistant materials and has several protection measures including overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and high temperature.

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3. USB A+C+C 65W Fast Charging Foldable 3 Ports Charger

This 3 charging port fast charger comes with multiple plug types. It offers 3 USB charging ports which are 1 UBS port and 2 Type-C ports. It offers up to 65W of charging power for fast charging of mobile phones and other devices. The LED indicator can show the charging status in real time. Some models have a partially foldable plug, which makes the product even more portable.

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