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5 Locations You Can Choose to Put a Car Power Inverter in Your Car

Are you in search of a car power inverter for your car? Car power inverters are a useful tool that amplifies your car’s power, providing you with additional options to connect your mobile devices. At Mobile Installation, we provide comprehensive car power inverter installation services for all car types, including trucks and SUVs. Here are five locations in your vehicle where we can install a car power inverter.

car power inverter

1. Under the Seat

Installing an inverter in a car seat is a fantastic option as it provides easy access to power portable devices from any location in the cabin. Additionally, this location ensures that the inverter remains discreetly hidden. Our team can assist you in determining whether the front or back seats are the optimal location for installing the inverter. The placement of the inverter will depend on its size and the available space under your car seat.

2. The Trunk

Like many car owners, you may find yourself in need of a car power inverter in your vehicle’s trunk at times. Unfortunately, many modern vehicles do not come equipped with inverters in the trunk. However, we can install a customized inverter in your trunk, providing you with complete access to the rear of your car whenever necessary. We can assist you in determining the optimal location for the inverter in your trunk. For SUV owners, we can install the inverter anywhere in the back of the vehicle.

car power inverter

3. In the Glove Box

A car power inverter can be conveniently located in the glove compartment as it keeps it out of the way. However, the size of the compartment will dictate the size of the inverter that we can install. It’s important to consider that the glove compartment is typically used for storing other items, so installing an inverter may reduce the available storage space. We offer a variety of inverter sizes to choose from, allowing you to select the best fit for your glove compartment. If feasible, we can also install an inverter in your center compartment.

4. Under the Dashboard

Installing the inverter underneath the dashboard is another excellent location that we can offer. This location provides direct access to the inverter from anywhere in the front of the cabin. By plugging your portable devices directly into the inverter, such as your cell phone, laptop, or tablet, you’ll have an effortless and convenient power source at your disposal.

car power inverter

5. The Floorboard

Should you choose to mount the inverter on the floorboard, we must be more deliberate in selecting its placement. It’s important to keep in mind that the floorboard is intended to provide ample legroom. Positioning the inverter in the middle of the floorboard can significantly reduce the available legroom. Therefore, we suggest installing it in an unobtrusive location on the floorboard, ensuring that it remains out of the way.

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