how to use a car battery charger
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How to Use a Car Battery Charger for Your Vehicle

You may need to purchase a car battery charger if you have not driven your car for a significant period of time since the lockdown began to ensure that the battery is performing to its full potential when you resume driving. In this article, we will explain how to use a car battery charger, which will help prevent a flat battery caused by short trips. Short trips drain the car battery more than the alternator can replace, resulting in a flat battery.
If you need to recharge your battery, then here’s what you need to do.

The Charger

Obviously, you will need a car battery charger before you can start. Make sure you know how each button, dial, or reading works before you use it. Not every charger is the same, so you should become familiar with your charger before you use it. Make sure you check the instructions to ensure you understand how the charger works.

car battery charger

6V-24V 25A Car Battery Charger

Connect the Charger to Your Battery

The battery charger will now need to be connected to the vehicle’s battery once you have familiarized yourself with its basic features. Attach the positive clamp (red) to the positive terminal on the battery and follow it with the negative clamp (black). The negative terminal will be marked with a “-” indicator.

Setting the Charger

Next, you need to set the volt and amps on the charger. If you wish to slowly trickle charge the battery, you want it set to a lower amperage. Trickle charging is the better method to use if you have time, as it will do a better job charging your battery. However, if you are quickly trying to start the car, you will want to use a higher amperage.

how to use a car battery charger

Plug In and Charge

Connect the charger and let it work for some time. Avoid moving the charger or tampering with the cord during this process.


When the battery has been charged, you can turn off the charger and unplug it. The negative clamp (black) should be removed first, followed by the positive clamp (red). Once the battery has been charged, disconnect the cables in the opposite order.

Bottom Line

Dead batteries are a common problem in the winter, especially in the colder months. Everyone should know how to use a car battery charger. It is important to have a car battery charger in your vehicle. To be safe, you should carry a portable charger in your trunk if your battery is dying or you are having trouble starting your car. A pair of safety goggles should always be worn when charging batteries. Furthermore, when you try to charge a battery, there is always the chance that it may explode, even when it has a slim chance of doing so. So you must understand some basic instructions about using a car battery charger.

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