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Let Lead Acid Batteries Work Better

Lead acid batteries are commonly used in automobiles, electric vehicles and a variety of other vehicles. To some extent, lead acid batteries and lithium batteries dominate the majority of the vehicle battery market. Lead acid batteries have a long history. They are more competitive in price than lithium batteries. But one of the problems with lead acid batteries is its charging and maintenance. To choose a lead acid battery charger than can charge and protect the battery is not easy.

In this article, we will introduce how lead acid batteries work and the inevitable problem of the buildup of sulfates in batteries. Followed by how to effectively solve this problem and expand the lifespan of the batteries with the help of a lead acid battery charger.

Discharging of Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries discharge through a chemical reaction between sulfuric acid and lead to generate electricity, which is then used to power various electrical devices through cables. During this reaction, lead sulfate is formed inside the battery and gradually coats the positive and negative plates of the battery, a process commonly known as vulcanization. The accumulation of lead sulfate is an inevitable phenomenon during battery discharge. As the voltage decreases, the lead sulfate will gradually cover more and more of the battery plate, until the entire battery plate is completely covered. At this point, the battery is completely discharged.

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Charging of Lead Acid Batteries

If a proper charging is applied in time after the lead acid battery is discharged, the lead sulfate accumulated in the battery plate during the discharge process will be converted to the active substance again and returned to the electrolyte. Thus, when the lead acid battery completes a cycle of discharge and charge, the lead sulfate inside the battery also completes a process from generation to gradual disappearance. That is to say, charging not only provides power supply to the battery, but also eliminates the lead sulfate generated during the discharge process.

Excessive Accumulation of Lead Sulfate

That’s the ideal working state of lead acid batteries. In ordinary times, if the time interval between the battery discharge and charge is too long, or long-term deep discharge, or long-term storage without being charged, the lead sulfate on the battery plate will become hard to remove. This results in a decrease in the battery’s storage capacity, affecting the battery’s performance. According to statistics, 80% of the malfunctions of lead acid batteries are related to excessive accumulation of sulfate. Therefore, one of the keys to keeping the battery healthy and in good condition is to charge the battery in time after it is discharged.


In addition, temperature also affects battery performance. According to tests, when the temperature exceeds 38 degrees Centigrade, the internal discharge of the battery will increase significantly. The higher the temperature is, the higher the internal discharge rate of the battery will be. A fully charged lead acid battery at 100 degrees Fahrenheit may fail to start the engine after 30 days or so. Cold weather is also bad for batteries, since batteries produce significantly less electricity in cold weather. Some deeply discharged batteries may even freeze below zero degrees Centigrade.

Intelligent Charging

A common lead acid battery charger has a great impact on the charging time and lifespan of the battery when charging the battery. The charging voltage and current of these chargers are unstable, so they may bring more damage than help. Therefore, it can be said that the lifespan of many lead acid batteries has been shortened by the use of poor-quality chargers.

The ideal battery charging process requires an intelligent charging system that can adjust the voltage and current according to the dynamic battery state. Therefore, choosing the right smart charger and charging mode will provide your battery with intelligent charging process. By doing this, the goal of maintaining the battery performance and extending its lifespan can be achieved. And our smart battery chargers are just the products that are designed to let you do that.

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