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Why Do We Need a Car Battery Charger?

As a basic component of a car, the importance of a car battery is self-evident. Car batteries are used to start a car, power its lighting, and power a variety of other devices inside a car. Therefore, in the maintenance of a car, in addition to its engine, gearbox and other important parts that we all know, the maintenance of its battery is also essential. And a car battery charger is important for its battery maintenance.

Car battery chargers have several benefits besides giving an emergency start.

Functions of a Car Battery Charger

You might think of jump cables or jump starters for emergency start-up of automobiles. Unlike them, car battery chargers use a stable low voltage current to charge the battery. An important function of a car battery charger is to recover its battery capacity. They are used to convert alternating current into 12V direct current, which is then used to charge the battery. This is good for batteries. This low-voltage charging mode minimizes the amount of hydrogen the battery produces during the charging process and thus avoids premature battery damage, and extends the battery’s service life. Although it takes a long time to charge the battery, sometimes up to 24 hours, it is necessary for the stability of the battery in the long run.

Necessity of a Car Battery Charger

Every car nowadays has an alternator. When a well-functioning car moves, its alternator will charge its battery. The problem with this charging mechanism is that the alternator cannot guarantee that the battery is in good working condition. Battery performance and stability can be affected by many factors.

car battery charger

Firstly, its battery discharges automatically when a vehicle is not in use. Usually, in cold weather, the automatic discharge rate of a lead acid battery will be low. In summer, as the temperature rises, the automatic discharge rate of a battery will gradually increase. This is determined by the characteristics of the battery itself. Over discharging of batteries will easily lead to battery sulfuration, which will further cause a decrease in its power capacity. A car’s own alternator won’t solve the problem. A Car battery charger can not only charge the battery, but also has a low-voltage pulse repair function. They can be used to remove the sulfuration from lead plates of a lead acid battery, restore battery capacity and repair damage caused by over discharging. Therefore, no matter how frequently a vehicle is used, a car battery charger can easily ensure that the battery is in good condition. Our Microcomputer Pulse Repair Battery Charger can effectively solve battery sulfuration problem which will further lead to the decline of the battery capacity. It can be widely used for car, motorcycle, motorboat and ATV battery repair. Please click the link to learn more about this battery charger.

Secondly, as well as to start the vehicle, car batteries are also used to power the electrical and electronic devices in a car. A cigarette lighter, for example, is a small component that consumes relatively much electricity. In a car, there will also be a lighting system, electric power steering, a multimedia system, parking sensors, a driving recorder, a GPS navigation, etc. The more battery-powered devices in a car, the more necessary it is to have a car battery charger. This can effectively solve the problem that may appear in power distribution, and thus ensure the demands for electricity of all aspects in a vehicle.

Protect the Battery

The above mentioned is the importance of a car battery charger for the power supply in a car. In addition, a car battery charger can also do some protection work.

In summer days, if the temperature is too high, car batteries will work at higher levels of efficiency. This working condition will shorten its service life. What’s more, too much vibration and damp working environment will cause premature damage to batteries too. In addition, for different seasons, a car battery charger should be equipped with mode switch function for different temperature conditions. Our 12V 8A Smart Portable Car Battery Charger is such a product. This smart charger is suitable for a variety of vehicles. It can switch its charging modes according to different seasons. At the same time, it also has several protection measures to ensure the best charging experience for your batteries. Welcome to browse its introduction page for details.

car battery charger

Generally, with proper maintenance, a car battery can last almost or even more than ten years. And owning a car battery charger is a very simple and effective way to extend its service life.

Therefore, considering the health of a car battery and the stability of its long-term use, it is wise to equip a car with a high quality battery charger. It will be a lifesaver if you find that your battery dies when you are far away from home.

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