ATV batteries
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4 Methods to Fix ATV Batteries

Unlike ordinary vehicles, ATV is a multi-purpose vehicle mainly used for off-road and dirt road driving. ATVs can be used for both recreational use in races and for off-road use in mining and construction industries. They are good choice for both carrying people and transporting goods. Like other gas-powered cars, an ATV’s power comes from the engine. Batteries power the front lights and other electrical equipment. The vehicle’s electric starter is also powered by batteries. Therefore, ATV batteries are very important component for ATVs. A 12V lead acid battery charger is also a necessary partner for the daily use of ATV batteries.

ATV batteries

Deal with ATV Battery Problems

There are a number of possibilities for ATV batteries to fail, the most common of which is that the vehicle has been left idle for too long. The 12V lead acid batteries used in ATVs can lose power if left unused for long periods of time. If nothing happens when you start the vehicle, or if the engine is running but sounds low, it means the battery is dead or almost dead. Here we present four methods for dealing with ATV battery problems and the basic operating steps for each method.

1. Compression Starting

The first method is compression starting. An ATV is light in weight, so it is easy to push on flat surfaces. It will be easier if there is a ramp. Compression starting is a method of tricking an ATV to start. An ATV can start the engine with the help of the tires. As long as the engine is working, the battery will be recharged while it is running.

Here’s how it works. First, turn the key to try starting the vehicle. Since gear 1 requires a lot of torque to start the engine, so gear 2 will be better. First, have someone to push the vehicle quickly from the back and keep the clutch pressed. Then, Jump on the ATV and release the clutch. By doing this, the engine will be started. Finally, give a little gas to the engine to start the vehicle.

This is a simple way to get an ATV battery recharged. Just let the ATV run for a few minutes and its battery will be gradually recharged.

2. Repair Sulfureted Batteries

If an ATV is left idle for a long period of time, its battery will be sulfureted. This is caused by the accumulation of sulphates in the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the sulphates in the battery now.

In general, there are two ways to remove sulphates from batteries. The battery can be treated with the Epsom Salt. Or, the removal of sulphates can be easily achieved by using a pulse repair battery charger. We have introduced our Microcomputer Pulse Repair Battery Charger in a previous blog post, you can read the blog to learn more. Compared with simply using a pulse repair battery charger, the use of Epsom Salt will be more complicated. You need to consider protection measures and dose control when it is used. Therefore, we recommend the use of a pulse repair battery charger to achieve a more convenient and safe operation. The Microcomputer Pulse Repair Battery Charger provided on our website can make the repair of a sulfureted battery much easier.

ATV batteries

3. Jumpstart an ATV with another Vehicle

It is also possible to help start an ATV with a battery problem by using another ATV or a car that can start properly. Jumper cables are what to use to connect them with each other. Here are the operation steps:

First, connect one terminal of jumper cables to an ATV or a car with a functional battery, and then connect the other terminal to an ATV with battery problems. After the batteries are connected, the ATV or car with a functional battery can be started and kept working for a while. Later, turn on the ATV with battery problems. Finally, the jumper cable can be disconnected after the second ATV has been successfully started. When the jumper cable is disconnected, the positive pole goes first, and then the negative one. It is quite simple to use this jump starting method. Just remember to connect and disconnect the wires correctly.

4. Use an ATV Battery Charger

The last method is to repair a faulty ATV battery by using an ATV battery charger. This is a very easy and efficient solution to a battery with problems.

When using an ATV battery charger, connect the charger with the battery according to the sign of the positive and negative poles. And after the battery is fully charged, what needs to do is to disconnect the positive pole first and then the negative pole. Our website offers a wide range of battery chargers for 12V lead acid batteries used in ATVs. You can learn more about our battery chargers by visiting In the daily use of ATVs and other vehicles, the importance of a battery charger is self-evident. It is an in-time assistant in case of vehicle battery problems.

ATV batteries

So, the above are the four methods to repair faulty ATV batteries. In the use of an ATV, regular inspection and maintenance of its battery is quite necessary. It helps keep the battery functional and healthy. The performance of the battery can also be guaranteed and its service life can to some extent be extended.

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